Grey tiles: the solution for a durable and stylish floor

June 1, 2024

Choosing a floor covering is an important decision, both in terms of aesthetics and durability. Grey tiles are becoming increasingly popular in the world of floor construction. It's an elegant and functional option that offers many advantages for residential projects. Why is this material proving to be the ideal solution for floors?


Choosing grey tiles for your floors is a smart investment that will give you satisfaction for many years to come. Their exceptional resistance, impermeability and ease of maintenance guarantee you a floor that's durable, attractive and easy to live with. If you need to, you can go to the site to choose your grey tiles.

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Maintenance for absolute durability

Investing in grey tiles for flooring is a smart decision, as the material is renowned for its durability and good looks. But to maximise its lifespan and retain its timeless beauty, a few simple maintenance steps are necessary.

Regular cleaning: the key to impeccable floors

Dusting and washing your tiled floors regularly is essential to prevent the build-up of dirt, dust and sand that can dull their shine and make them brittle. Use a soft broom or a hoover with a suitable head to avoid scratching the tiles. Then wash them with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Don't forget to rinse and dry your floors thoroughly after cleaning.

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Protection against chemicals: preserving the integrity of your tiles

Avoid using aggressive cleaning products such as bleach, acids or concentrated detergents. These products can damage the tiles' protective coating and make them porous, making them more susceptible to stains and seepage. Choose neutral, non-abrasive products specially designed for cleaning tiles.

Using carpets: a solution for high-traffic areas

Installing carpets in high-traffic areas, such as the entrance to your home or corridors, helps to reduce wear and scratches caused by frequent traffic. Opt for quality carpets with a non-slip backing to prevent them from slipping and causing accidents.

Residential: from floor to ceiling, an infinite range of possibilities

Grey tiles can be found in every room of your home. They offer a multitude of solutions to enhance any interior.


Create an elegant, hygienic space with grey tiles on the floor and walls. Their resistance to water and stains makes them an ideal choice for this high-traffic area.


Opt for a contemporary feel with grey tiles for the floor, shower and walls. The pleasant look of grey tiles goes perfectly with white sanitaryware and chrome taps.

Indoor and outdoor floors

Grey tiles are suitable for all types of floor, indoors and out. They bring a touch of elegance and modernity to your terrace, balcony or veranda.

Commercial: an elegant, durable choice for public spaces

Grey tiles are not limited to residential spaces. They're also an ideal flooring choice for commercial spaces.


Create a professional working environment with grey floor tiles. Their scratch and impact resistance makes them an ideal choice for this type of space.


Grey tiles help create a warm atmosphere in your shop, encouraging customers to browse and discover your products.


Offer your customers a unique culinary experience in an elegant setting with grey tiles on the floor. Their ease of maintenance is a major asset for restaurants.


Grey tiles add value to your hotel's bedrooms and public areas. Their durability is a valuable asset.

Public areas

Grey tiles are an ideal choice for floors in public spaces such as airports, railway stations, hospitals and schools. Their resistance and ease of maintenance make them a high-performance, durable floor covering.