West Bali

West bali

West Bali is widely known as being one of the least populated regions in the whole country. Despite that, this doesn’t mean there aren’t things to see here, on the contrary, the region is great if you need some time to relax yourself and enjoy your vacation the proper way. Thanks to remote locations, various interesting regions to explore as well as numerous other opportunities, West Bali is one place that you don’t want to miss.

When you visit West Bali, one of the cities that stands out is Gilimanuk. This is by far one of the most western cities in Bali, and from it you can take a ferry to Java and continue your Asian trip to some of the most luxurious places in the world.

Additionally, near Gilimanuk you can also find Negala, which is the capital of Jembrana Regency and because of that there are a plethora of things to do here. While there, make sure to check out Bali real estate long term rental. They are called Bali Radar, they have lots of great properties for long term stays. No matter if you like parties or bull races for example, you can find all of that and much more here, which makes it a delight for persons that want to have a fun time alongside the local population.

While in West Bali you also need to visit the Medewi beach. This is a remote beach that’s not that visited by many tourists, and that means you can relax and enjoy some time off without having to deal with a lot of crowds. Thanks to the great waves here, you can enjoy a plethora of surfing opportunities, not to mention that near this beach is even a fishing village.

Then you have the Menjangan Island which is a small one, yet which is included in the West Bali National Park. As you would expect, there are numerous endangered species here and the region has a natural appeal because of that.

You can even try to pay a visit to Pemuteran which brings you great diving, beaching and surfing opportunities. Lastly, you might want to visit the West Bali Park as this is a great place to explore the local marine life, not to mention that you can engage in things such as trekking or bird watching for example.

With so many things to see in West Bali, you can imagine that you might want to get a great accommodation. Sure, hotels are nice, but if you want a longer vacation and a cheaper one too, you might want to explore your opportunities. If you rent a house in Bali you will get the ability to stay for much longer, explore the local area in a much easier manner and just have a ton of fun. Don’t hesitate and rent a house in Bali if you want great exposure and better results!